Kitchen & Pantry Makeover

With so many extremely toxic foods innocently sitting on the grocery store shelves…Do you ever wonder if those same foods made it into your home?

Have you asked yourself… Am I eating the right things?

Or maybe you realize you’re not and need guidance on what you should be bringing home.

Are you committed to overhauling your diet but feel lost on where to start

There is one extremely important fact to realize that makes all the difference when it comes to eating healthy at home…pantry makeover

I can help you with a personalized…

Kitchen & Pantry Makeover!fridge food

Here is what you get:

  • Live or Virtual (if you have the capability, i.e  face time or Skype) 60 minute meeting to clean out your cupboards and refrigerator of any and all toxic foods! Let’s have some fun together while you get started on transforming your eating habits.  –we will go through them together and I will explain why certain things will have to go! ($79 value)
  • Detailed Shopping List- New whole foods shopping list to restock your kitchen. You’ll get nothing but the healthiest foods lining your shelves and stocked in your fridge!

List will include:

                                                           1 week’s worth of delicious, whole foods to buy

                                                           “Healthy Staples”- so you know what to keep on  hand    

                                                           5  Healthy Dinner recipes

All of this for $69

Sometimes, all you need is a place to start. Let me help you with that. I’ll take the guess-work out so sit back and let me put it all together for you. How easy is that?

Contact me here to set this up today!

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Robin Byers, R.N.

Robin Byers, R.N.

I am a Registered Nurse & a certified Holistic Wellness Coach. I help women control their blood sugar, lose weight & feel amazing without feeling hungry or deprived. Do you want to get healthy once and for all? The answer lies in controlling your blood sugar with organic whole food nutrition and holistic living. True healing does not come from the pharmacy but by nourishing our bodies the way God intended. Join me & you will restore your health & start living!

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