Grain free=health & weight loss?

What is the deal with all the “grain-free” talk?

Are your weight loss efforts at a standstill and you can’t figure out why? The old diet advice you’re following may be all wrong.

There is a simple and effective answer that will help…

The biggest cause of weight gain (fat) is excess glucose in your body.

You see, despite what we have been hearing over the last 30+ years…Fat DOES NOT cause you to gain fat, excess SUGAR(glucose) does!

Yes, there are bad fats out there…like trans fats (that lesson is for another time) and they’re the ones responsible for heat disease. BUT, the consumption of good fat DOES NOT CAUSE US TO GAIN FAT and removing them from our foods as been detrimental to our health.

But, let’s get back to sugar…

Now, I’ll put on my nurse’s hat for a minute and explain to you that excess glucose in the blood stream (by consumption of sugar and carbohydrates) signals insulin production. Insulin’s job is to to help move glucose into your cells so it can be used for energy but the catch is, we don’t need much at one time. If we give it more than we need at a meal, & don’t burn it up shortly after, insulin will take the extra and store it as FAT!  Insulin is the “Store” hormone.


Now,  all carbohydrates break down into glucose and our bodies DO need it for energy, so don’t start scrapping all carbs! There are good and bad carbs…we need the good as they are holding all our good nutrition, namely fruits & veggies! YES, FRUITS &VEGGIES ARE CARBS!

BUT, not all carbohydrates are bad. What matters is how fast those carbs break down into glucose. The faster the breakdown, the faster the blood sugar rises…not good! We want glucose released in the blood stream SLOWLY.

Bread, cereal & pasta contribute to our overeating of grains.

Outside of our typical toxic sweeteners & sweet treats, which we know hinder weight loss… the biggest culprit in spiking glucose is also one you may be over consuming regularly…


“But we are told to eat whole grains to be healthy!

Yes, but not a lot.

Here’s where it gets sneaky…

Just because it says “Whole Grain” or “Made from Whole Grain” doesn’t mean you’re eating the whole grain. Whole grains are oats, brown or wild rice, quinoa, millet etc. These are good whole grains. Where we over-eat them is with refined grains. Refined grains are NOT whole grains. These are grains that are processed and used to make bread, pasta, crackers and cereal to name a few.

When grains are processed, they quickly turn to glucose in your body. Bad news!

Refined flour today is truly not much different than regular sugar once it enters your body. It will cause the same elevation in blood sugar when eaten in excess. That excess happens quickly when you pair that carb with others you may be eating.

Take a look at how much grain you are eating…I mean look at EVERTHING…from cereal or toast in the am, sandwiches at lunch, snack crackers mid day and rolls at night with dinner…how much grain are you eating?

My guess, is probably too much. I get it…it tastes good. Sugar is addictive, refined grains act like sugar so, BAM! just as addictive!

Today’s wheat is nothing like wheat from years ago. This is important to know. Again, a lesson for another day.

Most clients & patients I work with are encouraged to give up wheat & other flour based foods. In other words, eat mostly a grain free diet. Their results are remarkable. From improving diseases like diabetes and shedding excess weight, they simply look & feel so much better.

I have a challenge for you…

Go grain free for 2 weeks! Not one food from a grain source.

Come on! You can do ANYTHING for 2 weeks, RIGHT? Of course you can!

If you’re ready to go a bit further,

Sign up here to get my FREE  2 Week Detox From Sugar ebook. 

This plan will help you break free from sugar and refined carbs that reek havoc on our blood sugars.

It’s a done-for-you plan to make this challenge a breeze. DO IT, you owe it to yourself to try.

You will feel amazing as a result, not to mention you will lose some “junk in your trunk.”

I have witnesses some amazing changes in my client’s health as well as patients I work with. They has simply followed my advice.  I want this for you!

When you complete this challenge, send me some feedback and let me know your results/thoughts. I would love to hear from you!

To our health,

Robin Byers, R.N.

Holistic Wellness & Nutrition Coach

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Robin Byers, R.N.

Robin Byers, R.N.

I am a Registered Nurse & a certified Holistic Wellness Coach. I help women control their blood sugar, lose weight & feel amazing without feeling hungry or deprived. Do you want to get healthy once and for all? The answer lies in controlling your blood sugar with organic whole food nutrition and holistic living. True healing does not come from the pharmacy but by nourishing our bodies the way God intended. Join me & you will restore your health & start living!

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